Max Clements MC Design
Images of furniture and exhibitions

Creativity is the foundation to the design and research work undertaken at MC Designs, whether this is for product, exhibition or marketing. Our approach is to maximise the creative in-put at all the stages of the project which allows for greater differentiation for the final product/event, in terms of design and impact.

MC Design specialises in the design of furniture products and also the creation of specific environments for their presentation. e.g. exhibitions, events, and interior installations. Each project requires specific stages including initial research and the generation of design directions and concepts. Rather than just follow ‘design trends’, we adopt a more pro-active and individual approach to a clients brief while maintaining a strong focus on the product, the context and the market.

Working on both furniture and exhibition design has now led to projects encompassing both disciplines, where clients require various forms of dedicated Environment for their products. These include projects in the UK and Middle East.